GReddy Interior

GReddy Steering Wheels were developed and tested though our GReddy Racing pro-drift program. As with drifting, tuning enthusiast admire style as well as function. GReddy Steering Wheels provide the driver comfort, enhanced steering feel and improved interior styling.

Feel the comfort and precision of our billet, CNC shift knobs. The OEM style screw type mounting makes installation simple and secure. GReddy shift knobs offer excellent comfort for both side and overhand grips. The counter-weighted shift knobs are engineered with a heavy weight for a even better feel for hard shifts. 

 *WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm

Item Type Size Description PART #
GReddy Rapfix II Lock Quick Release Lock Black

Optional GReddy x Works Bell Rapfix II  Lock

Item: GReddy Rapfix II Lock
Type: Quick Release Lock
Size: Black
Notes: online store Excluisve in North America


Optional JDM GReddy X Works Bell Rapfix Key Lock System - Black (sold separately) - coming soon...

[Product features]
-A new vehicle anti-theft device. "Ball Lock System Rafix" is required to use this product.
-Adopts a cylinder shape that can be easily attached by simply inserting it into the "Rafix" plug (on the vehicle side) and turning it, making it difficult to pick.
-Since it does not use electricity, there is no risk of malfunction.
-Since the surface is anodized, it is not easily scratched.
-Equipped with a security structure that sounds the horn of the vehicle when this product is forcibly moved.

≪If the key is lost, You can contact WorksBell for a replacement key≫
You can create a duplicate key with the serial number of the cylinder and your ID card. * Since the serial number does not have the same number, the type of key is not specified.

* The main body may become very hot due to direct sunlight such as in summer. Please be careful about burns.

[Product Specifications] Worksbell Rafix Key
Lock System + e
Body: Black Alumite
Logo: Laser Engraving
Accessories: 2 Keys

[Compatible Vehicles] Universal
* Ball Lock System

NOTE *Use of this hub will also require an application-specific adapter steering wheel boss for your vehicle (sold separately - i.e. HKB, Momo, Sparco, etc...)

* It maybe illegal drive a vehicle, originally equipped with air bags on public roads, please check your local laws before purchasing.


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